Friday, June 11, 2010

stoning of soraya what about Islam??

last night i saw a movie called The Stoning of Soraya i was Shocked i have never heard about it the movie is based on a true story( adapted from French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam's book)
  • its talking about woman called Zahra lived in small Village in Iran her husband was cruel wanted to get divorce from her and marry a 14 years old girl she refused because she and her 2 daughters will starve so he used the Islam Sharia and conspired with a corrupt mullah in the village to get rid of her he accused her with adultery with no prove and persuades the rest of the village to take part in her execution then they stoned her to death
  • i cried for hours when i saw the stoning scene that made me think about it
  • _ in Islam there is a very important condition : 4 men has to witness the adultery and that so difficult so its impossible to prove it which mean its not important prove it to punishment but its important to let the Muslims knows that adultery is a big sin !!!!
  • this story happen every day in Iran and Afghanistan 100 of women get killed every day in the name of Islam all of that because of a corrupt mullah which contradicted with the Islamic rules this kind of men who defame the Islam all around the world and instead of fighting this kind of men we fight Islam and Muslims all over how could they used Islam to make the Muslims look murderers and terrorists our women wearing black (nikab) why i didn't see any thing in the Koran ordered them to wear black??
_ saying that non Muslims is kofar, even Muslims (who is not following the steps ) all Religions called women to wear decent clothes but these people are not acting according to Islam but they are following their greediness and lusts and also corrupted governments set the hands of fundamental restricted Islamic groups in the society to put the people into the choice like Taliban in Afghanistan and the salfeen in Egypt link to reed the book:


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